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Finally, all the groundbreaking hits on one Compact Disc! "R.O. Magic: The Best of R.O. Manse" is the only place to find such New Wave classics as "Lady Boy," "I Have a Synthesizer" and "Clear the Danse Floor." Yours for only $10 plus shipping and handling. Call the number on your screen (or just click "Buy!").

About the artist: R.O. Manse burst from the working class UK town of Bonkashire in 1982 like a big bag full of water that got too big and had to burst! His style of New Wave still sounds futuristic, here, in the present, if that is indeed possible! He is currently touring all over the United States! But mostly in his adopted second home, Los Angeles! His albums "Danse, Chanse, Romanse", "Love Traction" and "Danse Romanse" are the gold standard amongst discerning fans of New Wave Romantic music who have trouble discerning. He is not gay. He has a wife and two children who reside in Bonkashire, a suburb of London located three and a half hours outside of London. R.O. Manse enjoys a big glass of milk and a nice slice of Cherry Crumble before watching the news on BBC 189 and retiring.

"R.O. Magic: The Best of R.O. Manse" is the brainchild of comedian and writer Chip Pope. Featuring Chip's comedian friends Natasha Leggero, Howard Kremer, Scott Aukerman (Mr. Show), Matt Besser (Upright Citizens Brigade) and Thomas Lennon (The State, Reno 911), the CD is as hilarious as it is danceable.

AST009 / 2-Dec-2008