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Debut album from Mike Bridenstine. It's great. But don't take our word for it; listen to the experts:

"Made me appreciate my pathetic life.” -Tom Arnold

“Preorder this and prepare to laugh till you bleed. Brido is a master.” -TJ Miller

“I've known Mike for many years and he's always been a very funny, slightly hairy and extremely sexy comedian who is a downright hoot. A hoot I tell you!” -Pete Holmes

“WARNING! Don't listen to Mike Bridenstine’s album if you like boring, unoriginal, not funny Stand up comedy albums.” -Adam DeVine

“Mike Bridenstine is a fucking riot. Many of his jokes I've repeated out loud to myself and laughed like an idiot.” -Rob Delaney

“Mike Bridenstine is effortlessly funny. There’s no pretense to him ‘becoming comedic’ once he’s on stage and talking into a mic - he’s just that funny all the time. He’s a complete original and inspired me to lose weight so people would stop thinking I was him.” -Tom Segura

"Yes, Mike Bridenstine jokes a mile a minute and commands the stage like a frickin' expert, but for me, he's so much more. He's the first comic who really encouraged me - I've known him for a decade and I love this guy. Go get his album.” -Cameron Esposito

"Mike Bridenstine is one of the most effortlessly & naturally funny people I've ever met. You'll be hanging out with him & he'll say something of the cuff and I'll go 'that might be one of the funniest jokes I've ever heard.'" -Kumail Nanjiani

“Mike is incredibly funny. Check out this album!!!” -Jonah Ray

“Mike is a cross between Hemingway and Belushi. A comic for the drinking/thinking man.” -Moshe Kasher

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AST082 / 11-Aug-2017