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Limited edition 12" vinyl pressing of McQueen Adam's album "Black Cat" on eye-melting fluorescent orange vinyl. Digital download card included with the album.

Comedian/producer McQueen (Comedy Central, Funny or Die) is a one-man show extraordinaire. From the album’s self-titled opening track “Black Cat” to “Leave It On The Dancefloor” and “Fuck You Like A Ghost,” it’s Daft-Punk-meets-Weird-Al as McQueen creates a new universe of original songs, lyrics and comedy voiceovers all of which Thom Yorke of Radiohead hails as "just brilliant!" Borne of fever dreams, stacked with pop culture references and full of beats, McQueen’s debut album is available now on fluorescent orange vinyl. Meet the unforgettable characters who exist within this world as a black cat, David Bowie, Kevin Costner and Harry Potter commingle and are soundtracked by triptastic narratives and soundscapes.

Digital download of full album available with purchase of vinyl!

To purchase digital download ONLY, click here.

AST110 / 25-Oct-2019