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The debut album from comedian Kyle Kinane.  Born and raised in the Chicago area, Kyle has quickly become a favorite of the Los Angeles comedy scene with his distinctive, growling delivery, his conversational storytelling style and his penchant for brutal self-deprecation.  The London Evening Standard once called Kyle "bleak and misanthropic," but he prefers to describe himself as a "bag of garbage ... a real pile of trash."  On "Death of the Party," Kyle sifts through the debris of a life spent working dead-end jobs and enduring sleepless nights, all the while marveling at the uselessness of his college education.  Whether he's pondering the futility of selling cake decorations over the phone, recounting the first time he took a dump in a bar or wishfully spinning the fact that he wakes up shirtless in a stranger's yard once a month as proof that he's a werewolf, Kyle finds humor in the most unexpected corners of his life.  If it be gallows humor from a man resigned to a life of doleful self-examination, well then just be glad that Kyle Kinane lets us in on the joke.

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AST015 / 2-Feb-2010