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Aspecialthing Records is proud to present the debut album from American treasure Karen Kilgariff. Best known for her work on “Mr. Show” and her podcast "My Favorite Murder,” Karen has been a longtime favorite of those in the know, and has recently transitioned from classic stand-up comic to acoustic troubadour. These songs delicately balance humor and pathos to create a unique experience that transcends comedy. Recorded live in Los Angeles and completely uncut, Live at the Bootleg captures musical comedy at its rawest, and sets a new bar for a genre that is rarely done right.

The third pressing is available now on a beautiful olive green vinyl. Get your copy now!

"'Live at The Bootleg' is the perfect showcase of her unique ability to create music that is both genuine and hilarious." -Playboy

"Fresh and vital" -The SpitTake

"Incredibly real, inspired, and leaves nothing to the imagination" -Courting Comedy

"Karen Kilgariff is punk as fuck" -Huffington Post

"Her sensibilities are infectious as she blends punk rock and vulnerability and, in turn, creates genuine and dynamic comedy that is a must listen" -The Laugh Button

"...her songs are funny while also poignant and insightful, and her stories are funny while also friendly and self-effacing. This endlessly re-listenable album is one not to miss." -Splitsider

Top 9 of 2014 - Splitsider

Top 11 of 2014 - The Vulture

Digital download of full album included with purchase of vinyl!

To purchase digital download ONLY, click here.

AST045 / 25-Feb-2014