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Hampton Yount's formidable follow-up to 2009's "Unbearable." Recorded live at the NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles, Hampton delivers an unabashedly enthusiastic take on current events, sexuality, depression and the South. Hampton’s high energy and vibrant laughter are absolutely infectious, and his German accent is beyond reproach. A solid hour of edgy and intelligent silliness.

“He’s got this really boyish face, and he’s a really great joke writer. Stylistically, he’s not the same as Paul F. Tompkins, but he has the same ability to build a premise in a way that you don’t see the joke coming. Then, suddenly, he’s taken it to a place that you don’t see.” - Esquire Magazine

“Yount, has a relaxed, gregarious comic style” - The Washington Post

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AST057 / 10-Mar-2015