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Greg Proops detests elsewhere. “Not this album,” he explains, “the place.  Well, not everywhere. Just the uncool place that you are from.” So gather ‘round, children, for Papa Proops has come to tell stories from that rarified district in which he dwells: Hollywood, California. Sayeth Greg: “Hollywood isn’t a city, it’s an idea held simultaneously by a million assholes. I am but one.” And yet this one can teach us. He can lead us out of the dull and ordinary places we reside, places like the Midwest, and Delaware.  He can instruct us, and improve us. He can delineate the two situations in which it’s acceptable for a man to wear white pants (“One: if you’re a sailor; two: never.”). He can solve an entire musical genre in two sentences. He can illuminate the hidden life lessons in even the most worthless celebrity’s existence. With the release of this comedy recording, you quite simply don’t have to live like the rube from Buttermilk, Indiana that you are any longer. You can do better, and Greg Proops can show you the way.

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AST012 / 29-Sep-2009