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"Greg Barris takes his audiences to places they've never been before, inside the heart of a man who cares so much, you can taste his pain. Then he turns you around and covers you with his joy, just like in one of those sex movies, only it's standup comedy." - Rory Scovel

"Greg Barris is the kind of man who believes the Universe tilts toward Justice AND that a quote from me means something. What a dear sweet fool." - Janeane Garofalo

"Greg Barris strong and make people happy with charm powers. He good friend and tell good jokes. One time he help me kill hunger with pizza. His comedy best because him say stories that mostly true. Him like girls as much as I do and that make for fun talks. Because of Greg New York and LA is better place." -Reggie Watts

"A great comedian with a distinctly rock & roll steelo." - Orlando Weekly

"Greg Barris made a name for himself with his consistently sold-out variety show of quirks The Heart of Darkness" - Village Voice "Voice Choice"

"He is the perfect combination of very good looking, hilarious and super-weird." - PAPER Magazine

"Barris is a grade-A examiner of the human condition, finding its peculiarities and mining them for the humor that is so often present but not always easily articulated." -The Spit Take

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AST034 / 9-Oct-12