Dave Ross - The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex Flipbook

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Dave Ross is a stand-up comedian and this is his first album. It’s called The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex because he is the only man who has ever had sex. You’re going to want to listen to this album, because if you don’t, you will never know a single thing about sex. (Translation: Dave is an idiot.)

This album is now available as a digital download with 152-page companion book. It’s a two-way flipbook written and designed top-to-bottom by Dave, using art and photography from Kelly Dwyer, Megan Thompson, Kevyn Schmidt and the public domain. And for you readers out there, it includes a 76-page psychotic description of manhood. The album itself is a collection of jokes and anecdotes written across Dave's first ten years as a comedian, chronicling his adventures as someone who has very obviously never had sex.

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AST108 / 23-Aug-2019