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“I would go into what my journey has been up to this point and how hard comedy is but truthfully, I’m terrible at everything else so this was my only real option. If you don't like it, I’ve got some old Sugar Ray cassettes I’m willing to sell at reduced cost.” -Dan St. Germain

"He is charismatic and has the swagger of Burt Reynolds carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels... Germain’s style of brute comedy is a welcome addition to a bland landscape." -C+ Comedy

"If I’m being totally honest, Bad at the Good Times was without a doubt the most fun I’ve had listening to a comedy CD to date." -Under the Gun Review

"That’s precisely what’s so good about Bad at the Good Times, Germain’s first full-length comedy album ... Germain rips on himself for the full hour, ranging from horrible break-ups to horribly depressing Facebook statuses. He recognizes what’s funny, tears himself apart and goes down with the ship. But make no mistake, Germain is fully in control as captain. He just knows which waves make the biggest splashes." -Paste Magazine

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AST046 / 10-Jun-2014