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The debut album from Andrew Daly: "Nine Sweaters." This two-disc set compiles all of the characters Daly performed during his ten-week Comedy Death Ray residency at the UCB Theatre, Los Angeles in the spring of 2008. While the outside world may know Daly best from "MADtv," "The Showbiz Show with David Spade" and his scene-stealing portrayal of sportscaster Dick Pepperfield in the Will Ferrell film "Semi-Pro," Los Angeles comedy fans know him as a standout member of the UCB's acclaimed "Asssscat" troupe and from the countless character monologues he's performed at shows all across town.

On "Nine Sweaters," Daly shows not only his remarkable range but his penchant for the demented and absurd as he sketches such unforgettable characters as aspiring actor Hap Arden, sing-along specialist Skip McCabe, octogenarian standup novice Ben Alterman and philandering futurist The Incredible Blasco. Daly notes, "When creating a character, Laurence Olivier always started by selecting a false nose, Alec Guinness began by figuring out the character's walk ... I always start by choosing a sweater. Please enjoy these nine characters, these nine sweaters." (Note: In addition to the nine principal characters on the album, each disc contains a bonus "sweater" for a total of eleven tracks.)

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AST008 / 9-Sep-2008