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An absurdly verbose, verbosely absurd, thoroughly profane exploration of ways in which the English language can be utilized for utter stupidity" is how Andrés du Bouchet describes his new brute of an album, filled to the brim with character pieces, stories, poetry and more. The 45 minute vinyl version includes a digital download of the deluxe, 2-hour-long version of the album.

Several genres that 12-year old me would find quite compelling are going to be represented on the album, from medieval fantasy, to post-apocalyptic sci-fi, to H.P. Lovecraft, to vampirism, to superheroes, to just plain old dirty poetry, and of course, fart humor." With the infinite patience of aspecialthing Records, du Bouchet has recorded each album track in a different venue, which not only resulted in a very eclectic mix of performances, but also serves as an illustration of what performing has been like for the comedian during his time in Los Angeles: "I perform in actual comedy clubs about as often as I look in the mirror naked and nod approvingly," said du Bouchet. "Most of the time I find myself performing in bars or small theaters, and I wanted to capture a variety of those rooms. Also, as I learned from my first album, making a live audience sit through an uninterrupted hour of my material should probably be a violation of the Geneva Convention.

"Theatrical and absurdly verbose" - The A.V. Club

Digital download of full album included with purchase of vinyl!

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AST052 / 25-Nov-2014