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Get your mitts on Paul F. Tompkins' 2015 special "Crying and Driving," available for the first time in a Blu-ray/CD package. On his most personal special to date, Paul reveals why he's so surprised that he got married, ponders the kindness of strangers and describes a very strange trip to a private club for magicians. Disc one is a Blu-Ray presentation of the full video special; disc two is a CD capturing just the audio.

“Paul F. Tompkins has the rhythm, mind and voice of a great comedian. But when he opens his heart, like he does on Crying and Driving? There’s no one who can touch him.” - Patton Oswalt

"There are very talented comedians in the world, then there are people who make you feel better simply for being in their presence. Paul F. Tompkins is both." - Ron Funches

"Paul F. Tompkins (PFT) is the quintessential comedian. Through a singular and marvelous lens, he captures the fickleness of life in its inherent absurdity, and we are lucky he's willing to share the view. And if that isn't enough, you cretin, he wears a mean bowtie and a nice suit.” - Aparna Nancherla

"I've laughed harder at Paul F. Tompkins than I have laughed at any other comedian." - Kumail Nanjiani

"Paul F. Tompkins is hands down one of the funniest people on the planet, and most likely, in the universe. Crying and Driving turns personal experiences into universal and relatable hilarity. I feel like the jokes are just for me! It’s my new favorite standup special. Hands down.” - RB Butcher

AST123 / 26-Nov-2021