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"Here it is: the album I've spent 20 years trying to bury. But the fans have spoken, so enjoy this limited edition of my least favorite Jimmy Pardo record." -Jimmy Pardo

Brace yourself for the long-awaited re-release of master crowdsmith Jimmy Pardo’s debut album. A comedic origin story delivered in staccato bursts of wit, sarcasm, bravado and faux anger, UNO captures an early, torqued-up version of the stage persona Pardo has honed over the past two decades. Revel in the absurdity of such stories as “Jimmy Gets a Haircut,” “Jimmy Needs a Haircut” and “Carnivals!” Marvel at the mock-aggressive crowd-work woven through the prepared material! Wonder at how we convinced Jimmy to let us release this unedited in 2021! It’s not just a comedy album; for you, the true fan, UNO is a piece of history.

Only $20, or throw in an extra $5 and get a copy autographed by Jimmy! Both come with a download of the album.

AST124 / 26-Nov-2021